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I like offering engagements sessions specifically as an opportunity for us to get familiar and comfortable with each other. Once we break the ice (the first 20 min are always awkward) then you feel more relaxed in my presence and on the wedding day it flows seamlessly! This is also an opportunity to teach you core poses and posing principles for natural-looking photos you'll be proud to hang on your walls!  After that experience, you'll be rocking the camera in no time!

What is working with me like? Well, I certainly love it being fun! Sometimes I am a fly on the wall when beautiful natural moments are happening; sometimes I'm right in the action!  I try to make it as easy and effortless for my couples as possible while still providing directions when I have a certain vision for a photo. 

the experience


Let's jump on a call!
A phone call or zoom meeting is a great chance to connect, ask all the questions you might have, and talk about your vision for the day!  I'd love to talk about your love story and how I can help capture it genuinely, so more than pretty pictures you actually get photos that are meaningful to you both

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For the engagement session we want to choose the location that would best describe the dynamics of your relationship! Whether you are the adventurous outdoorsy type and love going up a mountain, or the wine & foodie pair, or the ice cream lovers, or the bookworms,  or you name it! We'll plan your engagement session around both your personalities and interest! This is our opportunity to get comfortable with each other, but also for me to teach you posing tricks and prompts that compliments my natural-looking shooting style

choose your engagement 
session vibe


You'll always remember how something felt, over how it looked! That's why it is so important to me to provide a fun experience. I can be goofy and laugh hard at bad jokes, but I also treasure quiet moments and sitting in silence with people I care about. 
Being photographed can feel quiet vulnerable, and because I understand that, I am able to provide a different experience that just telling you how to pose

let's have fun!


It is my mission to work together to create something beautiful; because after all, way after the party is over, the cake eaten, the thank-you cards sent, the invitations tossed; then the only thing that will remain of all the effort in planning the day is your photographs. Your photos will always be like a time machine, a portal to take you back to that day over and over again!  You can expect to receive your gallery within 4 to 6 weeks

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I can't wait to meet you guys!

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